School change to Gymnasium Neusiedl in Austria

I believe that education is a very important element in our lives. For me good education means personally a lot and as I love accepting challenges and working on myself, I have decided to move from my ‘comfort zone’ and to develop further- I changed my school. 

I have been interested in studying abroad for a longer time and I was thinking about several possibilities how to do it. As I have been learning German for almost 9  years and as Bratislava is situated very close to the Austrian border, I started to consider this option.

I received a recommendation on Gymnasium Neusiedl located near Bratislava (where daily commute would be possible) rated as one of the top schools in Austria and I contacted the headmaster of this school if it was possible to allow me to study there as a guest-student. I am very thankful that I have been given this great opportunity!

I have also accepted a great challenge to take up french, although I have never learnt french before, and my class has been learning french for 2,5 years already! My deadline for regular course participation is October 2013, so I have got a lot to do! 

Gymnasium Neusiedl am See