Thursday in Luxembourg

Thursday was a big day here. We attended the Safer Internet Forum for first time. There were two big sessions, one about our question and rights&responsibilities on the Internet and the other one about Internet in our pocket.

Actually I active participated in all two but the discussion was more open in the second session, where I had a 5 minutes speech in the begin. I’m gonna very shortly summarize all two sessions:

  1. 1. Issues of rights and responsibilities are for Europe very important and that show us the European digital agenda too.

We could ask commissary questions and this is only question I can remember now.

1. How will be afford respect on the Internet? Sure I asked a question too and it was: Like in real life there is defined what does crime mean, will exist definition on the Internet too?

Then we spoke about main issues of the Internet. I add an interesting opinion to the problem, which you can find on Twitter.

 Internet is like an experiment. Best way to learn is to try it.

After lunch plenary session started. Plenary sessions were three parallel running sessions about different themes. Our group had the “Internet in my pocket”. Mainly I think it’s really interesting theme so I really enjoyed it.

We had 5 minutes time in the beginning of session to present our opinions in presentation. I prepared the presentation and was a speaker too. It was about the usage of mobile phone in a normal day. We added our opinions to this theme and then discussed it with parents and other participants. It was great!

After that we went to the shopping mall. Six most active participants were chosen to the dinner earlier. We got an great opportunity to think about. We got possibility to share my opinions, to contact industry experts and for this I can only say thank you to the Insafe team and Vivendi company.


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