Live journal from SIF in Luxembourg, Wednesday

It was the second day of active discuss in Luxembourg and I really enjoyed some of themes we did.

Copyright on the Internet

Possibly it was the most interesting theme for me today. The copyright on the internet is about not stealing other peoples work. But if we speak about paying for each song I download, I don’t really like it. I’m not saying I’m downloading ilegally, but I won’t pay for each song or album. And because of this problem, the entartainment maybe should change, because users won’t pay for music, if they can find it for free.

Walking lunch activity

After morning speaking we went for a special walk in the city. We were devided in four groups and got GPS tracking device. Each group had to visit some checkpoints to get on the lunch place.


Afterwards we were speaking about hacking and how to be secure. We did some discussion and group working.

I think it’s very important to follow very basic but important atributes of online working, like strong password, good browser…


Tomorrow is maybe one of most interesting and important days here. It will start the forum and there will be space for open discussion.

We will have a presentation space in a parallel session and now I’m just preparing for it. I will be one of the two speakers and I’m preparing the powerpoint presentation.


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