Discover camp 2014

Discover is a camp aimed at young people with the objective to let them explore new perspectives, new interests, meet new people and help them to choose what they want to study in the future.

From 25.7.2014-3.8.2014 I participated at this camp and chose the courses law around us and debating for debaters.

It was a remarkable experience and I am very thankful for it.


Leaf summer leadership camp 2014

This summer as one of the 27 chosen young people, I had the great opportunity to participate at the Leaf summer leadership camp from 11.7.2014-25.7.2014.

Apart from many workshops, motivational speeches and team-building activities, we also had the chance to work on the real life leadership projects with mentors from the business.

This camp gave me a lot of new motivation and inspiration. I am taking this inspiration and I will use it this year for my projects and activities.

This camp was a great experience and I am very grateful for it.


Internship at Vivendi

From 13.04.2014 to 17.04.2014 I spent amazing time doing an internship at the Vivendi Group in Paris.

During my three days I visited Vivendi HQ, Universal Music France, Digitick and Canal+. I had meetings with people from the companies who explained me their jobs and responsibilities. I met great people and had some very special discussions with them. It was an extraordinary experience for me and I am very grateful for it.

I would like to thank all the people who found time to meet me and made it possible for me to have such a rich agenda as I had. My special thanks goes to Françoise Le Crom who made the whole internship possible and helped me a lot.

Certificate: Certificate_Vivendi_internship Pariz Vivendi streda 026

Regular student at Gymnasium Neusiedl in Austria

Back in February I changed my secondary school Gymnazium Jana Papanka in Bratislava to Gymnasium Neusiedl in Austria and became there guest student. (Blogpost about school-change)

If I wanted to stay in Austria, I had to pass exams in Latin and French as I have never had these courses before in Slovakia.

I am very happy that I have successfully passed these exams and that I have become a regular student at Gymnasium Neusiedl.

Language course Nice

I spent three great weeks on a language course (‘cours intensif’) in Nice, France from 4.8.2013 to 24.8.2013, where I have worked on improving my french communication skills.


Internship at European Schoolnet in Brussels

I was given an amazing opportunity to make an internship at European Schoolnet in Brussels from 22.7.2013 to 29.7.2013. I worked mainly on the web platform but also on other related activities and projects.

What does it mean to be a youth ambassador?

School change to Gymnasium Neusiedl in Austria

I believe that education is a very important element in our lives. For me good education means personally a lot and as I love accepting challenges and working on myself, I have decided to move from my ‘comfort zone’ and to develop further- I changed my school. 

I have been interested in studying abroad for a longer time and I was thinking about several possibilities how to do it. As I have been learning German for almost 9  years and as Bratislava is situated very close to the Austrian border, I started to consider this option.

I received a recommendation on Gymnasium Neusiedl located near Bratislava (where daily commute would be possible) rated as one of the top schools in Austria and I contacted the headmaster of this school if it was possible to allow me to study there as a guest-student. I am very thankful that I have been given this great opportunity!

I have also accepted a great challenge to take up french, although I have never learnt french before, and my class has been learning french for 2,5 years already! My deadline for regular course participation is October 2013, so I have got a lot to do! 

Gymnasium Neusiedl am See